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Gypsum based Investment

Golden Vest GV5

This is a gypsum based investment, formulated for Gold and Gold Alloys with a melting temperature of 650c or less.

Soldering Investment

K – K Soldering Investment

This is formulated for a high temperature investment material for soldering Precious, Semi precious, Non precious Dental alloys. It’s particle configuration is devised to release gases uniformly, assuring dimensional accuracy and even heat distribution. Mixed with water it flows smooth and easy filling in all desired areas. Good working consistency is achieved with 20 ml of water to 100 gram of powder and a working time of 3 to 4 min.

Silicate Investment for partials

3 Liquid System: ES103

This investment is designed to cast partial denture frame work with metals like Chrome Cobalt. This comes in powder form with 3 liquid bottles labelled C D E.

High Heat Phosphate Investment

Accu Vest AV 23

A high heat Phosphate based Investment. Ideal for casting metals used in Dental Crowns.

Precision Vest PV17

A high heat Phosphate based Investment with finer particles to produce smooth castings.

Investment Liquid PH4

Liquid to mix above investments.