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Gypsum products


Lab Plaster

An all purpose laboratory plaster, most commonly used for making models, mounting plaster for articulators. Available in Fast Set, Regular Set and Slow Set.

Ortho Model Plaster

Plasters compounded to make Orthodontic Models. Easy to trim, apply gloss and finish. Available in Fast Set and Medium Set.

Super White Ortho Blend

Specially formulated for Ortho Laboratories, which want Harder, Durable and White Models with all qualities of easy trim, fine finish and gloss retention.

Die Stones

Supra Pink

It is what a basic Die Stone should be, Hard with controlled expansion, compatible with impression materials and good marginal clarity.

Precision Blue

A Die Stone formulated harder to wear resistance and colored blue. This color makes easier to identify margins and trim models.

Accu Green & Ivory Supreme

Die stones with added compressive strength, which makes them harder than the Precision Blue. Colored Green or Ivory to cater to laboratory preferences. Their hardness makes margins more resistant to wear.

Resin Die

Available in Green, Blue, Ivory color. This is like Accu Green with an added element of resin, which makes the die stone chip resistant, abrasion resistant during the die preparation and maintains better margin integrity.

Model Stones

Rocky Yellow / White

Most commonly used General Purpose gypsum product. Most of the models are poured with model stone, as the material is harder than lab plaster and gives ideal strength, abrasive resistance and workability like trimming and shaping. Comes in Yellow and White colors.

Impressive Ortho Stone

Blended to make ideal Othodontic Models , harder than the plaster models, yet easy to trim and finish. These are more resistant to abrasion, easy to gloss and polish.

Hi Strength

A model stone with added compressive strength. Preferred material for some laboratories for use as a presentation model for ortho cases. Comes in Yellow and White colors.

Ultra White Hi Strength

A Hi Strength model stone, more whitish in color. Preferred by some laboratories for use as a presentation model.

Super Ortho Stone

Ideal for making Orthodontic Models. This is harder and more resistant to wear and abrasion than Impressive Ortho Stone.